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Like Joshua, so many youths today are subjected to a steady flow of influences which are neither positive nor beneficial to the attainment of their long-term goals and dreams. Such influences can leave a youth vulnerable and susceptible to vices such as peer pressure, mental unrest, negative behavior, lack of motivation, and a lack of belief in oneself as well as in the world as a whole. These degenerative forces erode away the very heart and soul and ultimately distract a youth from his or her higher purpose. In extreme cases, as was the case with Joshua, such forces can lead to a series of unfortunate events which can cut short a treasured life.

When you read Joshua’s Story, you will gain an understanding of the extraordinary soul that he was.


From a young age, Joshua believed that each of us is born with great purpose and that each of us deserves a second chance when we stumble along the way. In Joshua’s honour, the Foundation works with youth in crisis to set them firmly on the path to success. By providing positive pastimes, back-to-school support, counselling, and countless other initiatives, the Foundation ensures that youth realize their potential so that they can go on to lead active and fulfilling lives.

In addition to working with youth in crisis, the Foundation supports youth to ensure that they never reach a crisis point in the first place. Additionally, the Foundation helps to provide grief support to families who have experienced loss.


Our Mission:  To empower youth to navigate their God-given destiny so that they may stay the course and realize all of their hopes and dreams.


“Giving youth, the bereaved, and the needy an opportunity for a better life”


The Foundation has an open referral protocol whereby anyone can contact us for support. We may learn of a youth in crisis by any one of the following:

  • self

  • parent/guardian/family member

  • friend

  • community service agencies

  • church member

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