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The Joshua Mutafya Foundation was started in May of 2008 by Mary and Henry Mutafya in memory of their beloved son, Joshua, who passed away tragically on the verge of adulthood at the tender age of 19.

We are a charitable organization which focuses on youth empowerment concentrating specifically on helping youth in crisis.

Mary and Henry, along with the Board of Directors, the many volunteers, and the Friends of the Foundation, have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that no parent need face the extreme loss that they suffered and that no youth need feel vulnerable or lost. The Foundation is based in Regina, Saskatchewan, but has Friends all over the world.

When you read Joshua’s Story, you will gain an understanding of the extraordinary soul that he was as well as his legacy which the Foundation is committed to honouring. As I write, I do so with a sense of another tragic loss: Mary my wife went to glory on 19 November 2020 after a three year battle with colony cancer (rest in God's peace precious Mary). These two, mother and son, are now reunited. As a family we greatly miss them.


The Board meets at regular intervals to transact the Foundation's business and to implement projects.

Henry Mutafya
Vice - President:

Romus Mwenge                                             

Dr. Edmund Mupondwa

Financial Coordinator:
Public Relations Coordinator:


It takes a team to make a lasting difference in the lives of youth. . .

The Joshua Mutafya Foundation is made up of a Board of Directors, several volunteers, and people just like YOU!

Friends of the Foundation are just that – friends. People who believe in and support the powerful mission that the Foundation upholds.

Please show your support by becoming a Friend of the Foundation today! There is absolutely no cost and no commitment to do so! We are simply building on the number of people who have heard about the Foundation and who support Joshua’s legacy.

Of course, as a Friend, you are welcome to volunteer your time or to donate much-needed supplies or funds. However, there is no obligation associated with becoming a Friend. It means just as much to us if you pray for troubled youth or help to spread the word about the life-altering work that we do!

When you join, we will add your name to our list of Friends. And, if you choose, we will include you on our mailing list to keep you up-to-date on our accomplishments as we enrich the lives of youth in our community.

Become a Friend today and help to make a difference when it matters most!

Thank you for your support! We will contact you shortly!


Friends of the Foundation
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